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Literary Agencies A-Z – USA Literary Agencies

Sign - Literary Agencies A-ZLiterary Agencies A-Z – Listed below is a comprehensive list of literary agencies located in the United States. All book agents featured on our list of literary agents work at these agencies, including the best literary agents at the top literary agenciesClick here to enter our Literary Agent Directory for complete details about every agency below. Our agent database is searchable by location, all book genres, and more. It also includes detailed profiles for every literary agent featuring: agent biographies, preferred query method, AAR membership status, agent photos, links to each literary agency website, and more.

Literary Agents and Agencies by Location

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– Alabama –
Alabama Literary Agents
Birmingham Literary Agents
Huntsville Literary Agents

– Alaska –
Alaska Literary Agents
Anchorage Literary Agents

– Arizona –
Arizona Literary Agents
Phoenix Literary Agents
Tucson Literary Agents

– Arkansas –
Arkansas Literary Agents
Little Rock Literary Agents

– California –
California Literary Agents
Berkeley Literary Agents
Orange Literary Agents
Fresno Literary Agents
Hollywood Literary Agents
Lancaster Literary Agents
Los Angeles Literary Agents
Sacramento Literary Agents
San Diego Literary Agents
San Francisco Literary Agents

– Colorado –
Colorado Literary Agents
Boulder Literary Agents
Colorado Springs Literary Agents
Denver Literary Agents
Fort Collins Literary Agents

– Connecticut –
Connecticut Literary Agents
Hartford Literary Agents

– Delaware –
Delaware Literary Agents
Wilmington Literary Agents

– Florida –
Florida Literary Agents
Fort Lauderdale Literary Agents
Jacksonville Literary Agents
Miami Literary Agents
Orlando Literary Agents
Tampa Literary Agents
West Palm Beach Literary Agents

– Georgia –
Georgia Literary Agents
Atlanta Literary Agents

– Hawaii –
Hawaii Literary Agents

– Idaho –
Idaho Literary Agents

– Illinois –
Illinois Literary Agents
Chicago Literary Agents
Naperville Literary Agents

– Indiana –
Indiana Literary Agents
Fort Wayne Literary Agents
Indianapolis Literary Agents

– Iowa –
Iowa Literary Agents
Des Moines Literary Agents

– Kansas –
Kansas Literary Agents
Kansas City Literary Agents

– Kentucky –
Kentucky Literary Agents
Louisville Literary Agents

– Louisiana –
Louisiana Literary Agents
New Orleans Literary Agents

– Maine –
Maine Literary Agents

– Maryland –
Maryland Literary Agents
Baltimore Literary Agents

– Massachusetts –
Massachusetts Literary Agents
Boston Literary Agents
Cambridge Literary Agents

– Michigan –
Michigan Literary Agents
Ann Arbor Literary Agents
Detroit Literary Agents

– Minnesota –
Minnesota Literary Agents
Minneapolis Literary Agents

– Mississippi –
Mississippi Literary Agents

– Missouri –
Missouri Literary Agents

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– Montana –
Montana Literary Agents

– Nebraska –
Nebraska Literary Agents
Omaha Literary Agents

– Nevada –
Nevada Literary Agents
Las Vegas Literary Agents
Reno Literary Agents

– New Hampshire –
New Hampshire Literary Agents
Manchester Literary Agents

– New Jersey –
New Jersey Literary Agents

– New Mexico –
New Mexico Literary Agents

– New York –
New York Literary Agents
Albany Literary Agents
Buffalo Literary Agents
NYC Literary Agents
Rochester Literary Agents

– North Carolina –
Literary Agents North Carolina
Charlotte Literary Agents
Literary Agents Raleigh

– North Dakota –
North Dakota Literary Agents

– Ohio –
Ohio Literary Agents
Cincinnati Literary Agents
Cleveland Literary Agents
Columbus Literary Agents

– Oklahoma –
Oklahoma Literary Agents
Oklahoma City Literary Agents

– Oregon –
Oregon Literary Agents
Portland Literary Agents

– Pennsylvania –
Pennsylvania Literary Agents
Philadelphia Literary Agents
Pittsburgh Literary Agents

– Rhode Island –
Rhode Island Literary Agents
Providence Literary Agents

– South Carolina –
South Carolina Literary Agents
Columbia Literary Agents

– South Dakota –
South Dakota Literary Agents

– Tennessee –
Tennessee Literary Agents
Chattanooga Literary Agents
Knoxville Literary Agents
Memphis Literary Agents
Nashville Literary Agents

– Texas –
Texas Literary Agents
Austin Literary Agents
Dallas Literary Agents
Fort Worth Literary Agents
Houston Literary Agents
San Antonio Literary Agents

– Utah –
Utah Literary Agents
Provo Literary Agents
Salt Lake City Literary Agents

– Vermont –
Vermont Literary Agents

– Virginia –
Virginia Literary Agents
Norfolk Literary Agents
Richmond Literary Agents
Virginia Beach Literary Agents

– Washington –
Washington Literary Agents
Kent Literary Agents
Seattle Literary Agents
Vancouver Literary Agents

– Washington DC –
DC Literary Agents

– West Virginia –
West Virginia Literary Agents

– Wisconsin –
Wisconsin Literary Agents
Madison Literary Agents
Milwaukee Literary Agents

– Wyoming –
Wyoming Literary Agents

Literary Agents - Literary Agencies - List
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List of Literary Agencies – A-Z

[ezcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]– A –
3 Arts Entertainment
3 Seas Literary Agency
A3 Artists Agency
A Literary Agency for Children’s Books
A+B Works
Abrams Artists Agency
Adams Literary
Adventure Write
Aevitas Creative Management
AGI Vigliano Literary, LLC
Aitken Alexander Associates
AKA Literary Management
Albert T. Longden Associates
Albert T. Longden Agency
Alice Brinkman Literary Agency
Alicka Pistek Literary Agency
Alison J. Picard Agency
Alive Communications
Alive Literary Agency
Allen O’Shea Literary Agency
Ambassador Agency
Anderson Literary Agency
Anderson Literary Management
Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Andrea Hurst & Associates Literary Management
Andy Ross Literary Agency
Anissa Dorsey Literary
Ann Elmo Agency
Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency
Ann Tobias Literary Agency
Annie Bomke Literary Agency
Anne Edelstein Literary Agency
Annie Wilder Literary Agency
Amy Hughes Agency
APA Talent and Literary Agency
Apokedak Literary Agency
April Eberhardt Literary
Aragi Agency
Arc Literary Management
Arcadia Literary Agency
Arthur Greene & Co.
ArtHouse Literary Agency
Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Atchity Entertainment International – AEI
Audrey Wolf Literary Agency
AuthorizeMe Literary Agency
Avenue A Literary
Ayesha Pande Literary

– B –
Baker Literary Scouting, Inc.
Bankoff Collaborative
Barbara Bauer Literary Agency
Barbara Bova Literary Agency
Barbara Braun Associates
Barbara Casey Agency
Barbara Hogenson Agency
Barbara J. Zitwer Agency
Barbara Kouts Literary Agency
Barbara Rifkind Literary Agency
Barer Literary
Barone Literary Agency
Baror International
Barry Goldblatt Literary (BG Literary)
BBH Literary
Belcastro Agency
Bennett Literary
Benrey Literary Agency
Beth Vesel Literary Agency
Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises
Birch Path Literary
BJ Robbins Literary Agency
Blanche C. Gregory
Blauner Books Literary Agency
Bleecker Street Associates
Blue Heron Literary
Blue Ridge Literary Agency
Bob Mecoy Literary Agency
Bond Literary Agency
Book Cents Literary Agency
Book Wyrm Literary Agency
BookEnds Literary Agency
Bookmark Literary
Books & Such Literary Agency
BookStop Literary Agency
Bradford Literary Agency
Brands-to-Books Literary Agency
Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents
Bresnick Weil Literary Agency
Britt Siess Creative Management
Brockman Literary Agency
Brower Literary & Management
Brown Literary Agency
Browne & Miller Literary Associates

– C –
Candice Fuhrman Literary Agency
Canton Smith Agency
Capital Literary Agency – CTA
Caren Johnson Literary Agency
Carnicelli Literary Management
Carol Mann Agency
Caroline Wakeman Literary Agency
Carolyn Jenks Literary Agency
Cascade Literary Agency
Castiglia Literary Agency
Catbird Productions
Cathy Hemming Literary Agency
Cecile B Literary Agency
Chalberg & Sussman Literary Agency
Chamein Canton Literary Agency
Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency
Chase Literary Agency
Cherry Weiner Literary Agency
Chris Calhoun Agency
Christopher Ferebee Literary Agency
Cine Lit Representation
CK Webber Associates
Claire Gerus Literary Agency
Claire Roberts Global Literary Management LLC
Clear Sailing Creatives
Compass Talent
Connor Literary Agency
Context Literary Agency
Copps Literary Services
Cornerstone Literary Agency
Corvisiero Literary Agency
Courage Literary
Cowles-Ryan Literary Agency
Creative Artists Agency
Creative Management
Creative Management Partners
Creative Media Agency, Inc.
Creative Trust, Inc.
Credo Communications, Inc.
Crichton & Associates
CSG Literary Partners
CSG Literary Partners – MDM Management
Cullen Stanley International Agency
Curtis Brown Literary Agency
Cynthia Manson Literary Agency

– D –
D.C. Jacobson & Associates
D4EO Literary Agency
Dana Newman Literary
Dancing Word Group
Daniel Literary Group
Daniels Books Literary Agency
Darhansoff & Verrill Literary Agents
Davey Literary & Media Management
David Black Agency
Davis Wager Literary Agency
Dee Mura Literary Agency
DeFiore and Company
Denis Kitchen Publishing Co.
Denise Marcil Literary Agency
Denise Shannon Literary Agency
Dennis Literary
DH Literary
Diana Finch Literary Agency
Doe Coover Agency
Dominick Abel Literary Agency
Don Congdon Associates
Donadio and Olson
Donald Maass Literary Agency
Doris Michaels Literary Agency (DSM)
Doug Grad Literary Agency
Doyen Literary Services
Dreisbach Literary Management
Drift(less) Literary Agency
Dunham Literary
Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency
Dupree Miller & Associates
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, LLC

– E –
E.J. McCarthy Agency
Eames Literary Services, LLC
East West Literary Agency
Ebeling and Associates Literary Agency
Eden Street Literary Agency
Edite Kroll Literary Agency
Edmison Harper Literary Scouting
Edythea Ginis Selman Agency
Einstein Literary Management
Einstein Thompson Agency
Elaine Koster Literary Agency
Elaine Markson Literary Agency
Elyse Cheney Literary Associates
Emerald City Literary Agency
Emilie Stewart Literary Agency
Emma Sweeney Agency
Empire Literary
Erin Murphy Literary Agency
Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Europa Content Ltd.
Evan Marshall Agency
Eyebait Literary Management

– F –
Fairbank Literary Representation
Faith Childs Literary Agency
Falkin Literary
Farris Literary Agency
Faye Bender Literary Agency
Felicia Eth Literary Representation
Fifi Oscard Agency
Fine Literary
Fine Literary Management
FinePrint Literary Management
Firebrand Literary
Flannery Literary
Fletcher & Company
Fletcher & Company/UTA
Foley Literary Agency
Folio Literary Management
Foreword Literary
Foundry Literary + Media
Fountain Literary
Fox Literary
Frances Collin Literary Agency
Frances Goldin Literary Agency
Fraser-Bub Literary
Fredrica S. Friedman & Co.
Fresh Books Literary Agency
Full Circle Literary
Fuse Literary

– G –
G Agency
Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency
Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management
Gardner Literary
Gary D. Foster Consulting
Gelfman Schneider
Gelfman Schneider/ICM
Georges Borchardt Literary Agency
Ghosh Literary
Gillian MacKenzie Agency
Gina Maccoby Literary Agency
Ginger Clark Literary
Glass Literary Management
Global Lion Intellectual Property
Global Literary Management
GO Literary
Goff Literary
Gold Dust Literary Agency
Golden Wheat Literary
Goldfarb & Associates
Goodman Associates
Great Dog Literary
Great River Literary
Greenhouse Literary Agency
Greyhaus Literary Agency
Grosvenor Literary Agency

– H –
Handspun Literary
Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency
Hansen Literary Agency
Harold Matson Company
Harold Ober Associates
Harold Schmidt Literary Agency
Hartline Literary Agency
Harvey Klinger
Heacock Hill Literary Agency
Headwater Literary Management
Heather Jackson Literary Agency
Helen Pratt Literary Agency
Helm Literary
Helmers Literary Services
HG Literary
Hidden Value Group
High Line Literary Collective
High Line Literary Collective/Paper Over Board
High Line Literary Collective/Volume Five
Hill Nadell Literary Agency
Holloway Literary
Holroyde Cartey
Hopkins Literary Associates
Hornfischer Literary Management
Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
Howland Literary
Hummingbird Literary

– I –
Idea Architects
Illuminate Literary Agency
Indent Literary Agency
Inklings Literary Agency
Inko Inc
InkWell Management
Intellectual Property Group
International Creative Management – ICM
International Transactions
Inscriptions Literary Agency
Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Irene Skolnick Agency
Irene Webb Literary

– J –
J de S Associates
Jabberwocky Literary Agency
Jago Ciro Entertainment
James Fitzgerald Agency
Janczuk Literary Agency
Jane Chelius Literary Agency
Jane Rotrosen Agency
Janine Le Literary Agency
Janis Donnaud and Associates
Janis Vallely Literary Agency
Janklow & Nesbit Associates
Jason Yarn Literary Agency
Javelin Literary Agency
Jean Naggar Literary Agency
Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency
Jennifer Azantian Literary Agency
Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency
Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency
JET Literary Associates
JetReid Literary
Jill Corcoran Literary Agency
Jill Grinberg Literary Management
Jill Grosjean Literary Agency
Jim Donovan Literary
Joan Brandt Agency
Joanna Pulcini Literary Management
Jodie Rhodes Literary Agency
Jody Rein Books
Joelle Delbourgo Associates
John Campbell Agency, LLC
John Hawkins & Associates
John Ware Literary Agency
John Wright Literary Associates
Jones Literary
Jud Laghi Agency
Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
Judith Riven Literary Agency
Julia Livshin Literary Agency
Julia Lord Literary Management
Julie Hill and Associates
Justice Literary Management

– K –
Karen Gantz Zahler Literary Agency
Karpfinger Agency
Kathi Paton Literary Agency
Kathryn Green Literary Agency
Keller Media
Ken Sherman & Associates
Keyes Agency
Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Kirkland Media Management
Kirkpatrick Literary
Kirsten Manges Literary
Kitchen & Hansen Agency
Kleinworks Agency
Knapp Talent & Literary
Kneerim & Williams Literary
Kneerim, Williams & Bloom
KO Media Management
Kraas Literary Agency
KT Literary
KT Public Relations & Literary Services
Kuhn Projects

– L –
L. Perkins Agency (Lori Perkins Agency)
LA Literary Agency
Langtons International Agency
Larry Weissman Literary
LatschLit Literary Agency and Translations
Launchbooks Literary Agency
Laura Dail Literary Agency
Laura Gross Literary Agency
Laura Langlie Agency
Laura York Literary Services
LCS Literary Services
Lee Sobel Literary Agency
Leibo Literary
Leigh Feldman Literary
Lennie Literary Agency
Lescher & Lescher
Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency
Level Five Media
Levine Greenberg Literary Agency
Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary
Lighthouse Literary
Linda Allen Literary Agency
Linda Chester Literary Agency
Linda Konner Literary Agency
Linda Roghaar Literary Agency
Link Literary Agency
Linn Prentis Literary Agency
Linnan Literary Management
Lippincott Massie McQuilkin
Lisa Hagan Literary
Literary and Creative Artists
Literary Artists Representatives
Literary Counsel
Literary Management Group
Literary Services
Literary Works
Living Word Literary Agency
Livingtree Literary Agency
Liza Dawson Associates
Liza Royce Agency
LK Literary Agency
LKG Agency
Loiacono Literary Agency
Loose Leaf Literary Agency
Loretta Barrett Books
LoTurco Literary
Lotus Lane Literary
Louise Ketz Agency
Lowenstein Associates
LR Children’s Literary
Lucinda Literary
Lukeman Literary Management
Lume Literary Agency
Lupine Grove Creative, LLC[/ezcol_1half][ezcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Lynn Franklin Associates
Lynn Seligman Literary Agency
Lynn Johnston Literary
Lynn Seligman Literary Agency
Lynne Rabinoff Associates

– M –
MacGregor & Luedeke
MacGregor Literary
MacKenzie Wolf Literary Agency
Mad Woman Literary Agency
Malaga Baldi Literary Agency
Mansion Street Literary Management
Manus & Associates Literary Agency
Marcia Amsterdam Agency
Marcil-O’Farrell Literary, LLC
Margret McBride Literary Agency
Maria Carvainis Agency
Marianne Strong Literary Agency
Marie Brown Associates
Mark Sweeney & Associates
Markson Thoma Literary Agency
Marly Rusoff & Associates
Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Martha Kaplan Agency
Martha Millard Literary Agency
Martin Literary Management
Mary Anne Thompson Associates
Mary DeMuth Literary
Mary Evans Literary Agency
Massie & McQuilkin
Maura Teitelbaum Literary & Consulting
Max & Co. Literary Agency
Max Gartenberg Literary Agency
Maxine Groffsky Literary Agency
McCarthy Creative Services
McCormick & Williams Literary Agency
McCormick Literary
McGinniss Associates Literary Agency
McIntosh & Otis Literary Agency
McKinnon Literary
McKinnon McIntyre
MDM Management
Media Motion International
Mel Parker Books, LLC
Melanie Jackson Agency
Mendel Media Group
Menza-Barron Literary Agency
Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency
Metamorphosis Literary Agency
Metropol Literary
Mike Hamilburg Agency
Miller Bowers Griffin Literary Management
Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency
Mitch Douglas Literary Agency
Mitchell Hamilburg Agency
Movable Type Management
Mullane Literary
Myers Literary Management

– N –
N.S. Bienstock
Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation
Nancy Gallt Literary Agency
Nancy Stauffer Associates
Nancy Yost Literary Agency
Natasha Kern Literary Agency
Nelson Literary Agency
Neon Literary
New England Publishing Associates
New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc.
Next Level Lit
Nordlyset Literary Agency
Northern Lights Literary Services
Northwest Literary Agency
Novotny Literary Agency

– O –
O’Connor Literary Agency
Odom Media Management
Olswanger Literary, LLC
One Track Literary Agency
Orchard Literary

– P –
Page Turner Literary
Painted Words
Pam Strickler Author Management
Paper Over Board
Paradigm Literary and Talent Agency
Park & Fine Literary and Media
Paraview Literary Agency
Patricia Moosbrugger Literary Agency
Patricia Teal Literary Agency
Patricia van der Leun Literary Agency
Paul Bresnick Literary Agency
Paul Kohner Agency
Paul S. Levine Literary Agency
Pavilion Literary Management
Pema Browne
Pen and Ink Literary
Peter Lampack Agency
Perry Literary, Inc.
Philip Spitzer Literary Agency
Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Associates
Pippin Properties
PMA Literary
Prentis Literary
Present Perfect Dept.
Pro Literary Consultant
Professional Media Services
Prospect Agency
Psaltis Literary
Publication Riot Group

– Q –
Queen Literary Agency
Quicksilver Books Literary Agency
Quill Shift Literary Agency

– R –
Rachel Hecht Children’s Scouting
Rainbow Nerds Literary
Raines & Raines
Raven Quill Literary Agency
Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Rebecca Strong International Literary Agency
Red Fox Literary
Red Sofa Literary
Red Tree Literary
Redwood Agency
Rees Literary Agency
Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Regal Literary
Regina Ryan Publishing Enterprises
Renaissance Literary & Talent
Renee Zuckerbrot Literary Agency
Resolution Talent & Literary Agency
Richard Curtis Associates
Richard Henshaw Group
Ricia Mainhardt Agency
Rising Bear Literary Agency
Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency
Riverside Literary Agency
RLR Associates
RO Literary
Robert Astle and Associates Literary Management
Robin Mizell Literary Representation
Robin Straus Agency
Rodeen Literary Management
Root Literary
Rosalie Siegel International Literary Agent
Rosenbaum & Associates Literary Agency
Roslyn Targ Literary Agency
Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Rubin Pfeffer Content, LLC
Rudy Agency
Russell & Volkening

– S –
Sagalyn Agency
Salky Literary Management
Sally Hill McMillan & Associates
Samantha B. Literary
Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Sara Crowe Literary
Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency
Sarah Lazin Books
SBR Media
Schiavone Literary Agency
Scott Meredith Agency
Scott Treimel New York Agency
Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency
Screenland Literary Associates
Scribblers House
Scribe Agency
Sean McCarthy Literary Agency
Selectric Artists
Sennott, Williams & Rogers, LLC
Serendipity Literary Agency
Sheldon Fogelman Agency
Sheree Bykofsky Associates
Side by Side Literary Productions, Inc.
Signature Literary Agency
Sinsheimer Literary
Skylark Literary
SLW Literary Agency
Sobel Weber Associates
Solow Literary Enterprises
Spartan LA
Spectrum Literary Agency
Speilburg Literary Agency
Spencerhill Associates
STA Literary Agency
Standing Stones Literary Agency
Starlight Literary Agency
Steele-Perkins Literary Agency
Sterling Lord Literistic
Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency
Steve Ross Agency
Stimola Literary Studio
Stinson Literary Agency
Stonesong Literary Agency
Storm Literary Agency
Strachan Literary Agency
Straus Literary
Stringer Literary Agency
Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency
Stuart M. Miller Co. Literary Agency
Sun Rae Agency
Susan Ann Protter Literary Agency
Susan Schulman Literary Agency
Susanna Lea Associates
Suzy Evans Literary Agency
Swagger Literary Agency

– T –
Talbot Fortune Agency
Talcott Notch Literary Services
Tanenbaum International
Taryn Fagerness Agency
Ted Weinstein Literary Management
The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency
The Agency Group
The Ahearn Agency
The Albert LaFarge Literary Agency
The Ambrosia Literary Agency
The Amy Rennert Agency
The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency
The Ashley Chase Literary Agency
The August Agency
The Axelrod Agency
The Bent Agency
The Betsy Nolan Literary Agency
The Bindery
The Blumer Literary Agency
The Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc.
The Book Group
The Booker Albert Literary Agency
The Carr Agency
The CAT Agency, Inc.
The Cea
The Cheney Agency
The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency
The Choate Agency
The Chudney Agency
The Clegg Agency
The Cowles Agency
The Craig Nelson Company
The Croce Agency
The Cynthia Cannell Literary Agency
The Damaris Rowland Agency
The DRS Agency
The Dunham Group
The Elaine P. English Literary Agency
The Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency
The Epstein Literary Agency
The Fedd Agency
The Fielding Agency
The Fischer-Harbage Agency
The Fleck Agency
The Friedrich Agency
The Fury Agency
The Garamond Agency
The Gates Group
The Gavin Agency
The Gernert Company
The Gersh Agency
The Guma Agency
The Helen Zimmermann Literary Agency
The Herman Agency
The Hot Coast Agency
The Holmes Agency
The James Literary Agency
The James Rovira Literary Agency
The Jeff Herman Agency
The Joy Harris Literary Agency
The Kepner Agency
The Knight Agency
The Krista Goering Literary Agency
The Lark Group
The Leshne Agency
The Linda S. Glaz Literary Agency
The Lisa Ekus Group
The Literary Group International
The Loewenthal Company
The Lotts Agency
The Martell Agency
The Marton Agency
The McCarthy Agency
The McVeigh Agency
The McWilliams Literary Agency
The Michael Snell Literary Agency
The Miller Agency
The Mitchell Literary Agency
The Ned Leavitt Agency
The Nicholas Ellison Agency
The Nominate Group
The Park Literary Group
The Peter Beren Agency
The Plains Agency
The Poynor Group
The Purcell Agency
The Rebecca Pratt Literary Group
The Reiter Agency
The Richard Parks Agency
The Rights Factory
The Robbins Office
The Robert E. Shepard Agency
The Roger Williams Agency
The Rohm Literary Agency
The Roman Group
The Rosenberg Group
The Sara Camilli Agency
The Seymour Agency
The Spieler Agency
The Steinberg Agency
The Stephanie Tade Agency
The Steve Laube Agency
The Strothman Agency
The Stuart Agency
The Susan Golomb Literary Agency
The Susan Rabiner Literary Agency
The Tessler Literary Agency
The Tomasino Agency
The Unter Agency
The Vines Agency
The Ward & Balkin Agency
The Weis Agency
The Whalen Agency
The Williams Company
The Wylie Agency
The Zoe Pagnamenta Agency
Theta Publishing Management
Thompson Literary Agency
Tobias Literary Agency
Toni Lopopolo Literary Management
Trace Literary Agency, LLC
Tracy Brown Literary Agency
Tracy Sherrod Literary Agency
Transatlantic Agency
Trellis Literary Management
Triada U.S. Literary Agency
Triangle House
Trident Media Group
True Literary Agency
Tugeau 2

– U –
Ultra Literary
Union Literary
United Talent Agency – UTA
Upstart Crow Literary
UTA Bienstock

– V –
Valerie Smith Literary Agency
Van Diest Literary Agency
Van Haitsma Literary
Venture Literary
Veritas Literary Agency
Veritas Media
Vertical Ink Agency
Verve Talent & Literary Agency
Vicky Bijur Literary Agency
Victoria Sanders & Associates
Victress Literary
Vigliano Associates Literary Agency
Virginia Kidd Agency
Volume Five

– W –
Wales Literary Agency
Waterside Productions
Watkins Loomis Agency
Waverly Place Literary
Waxman Leavell Literary Agency
Waxman Literary Agency
Weaver Literary & Management
Weed Literary
Weingel-Fidel Agency
Wells Arms Literary
Wendy Schmalz Agency
Wendy Sherman Associates
Wendy Weil Agency
Wernick & Pratt Agency
Wheelhouse Literary Group
Whimsy Literary Agency
White Lion Literary Agency
Wieser & Elwell
William K. Jensen Literary Agency
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Williamson Literary
Willow Words Literary Agency
Wilson Media
Winters & King, Inc.
Wm Clark Associates
Wolf Literary Services
Wolfson Literary Agency
Wolgemuth & Associates
WordLink, Incorporated
WordServe Literary Agency
WordWise Media Services
Working Title Agency
Writers House
Writers’ Representatives
WTA Media

– Y –
Yates & Yates
YRG Partners

– Z –
Zachary Shuster Harmsworth[/ezcol_1half_end]

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