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Literary Agents Texas | Find Literary Agencies and Book Agents in TexasLiterary Agents Texas, USA – How many publishing agencies and publishing agents are in TX? Which Texas literary agencies and publishing agents are best? And, what’s the best way to find book agents in TX seeking new clients and authors? Use the free List of Literary Agents below to find all Texas publishing agents and literary agencies. For example: Jan Miller (Dupree Miller & Associates), Mark Falkin (Falkin Literary), and Jim Donovan (Jim Donovan Literary). The official Directory of Literary Agents™ has bios and contact information for all author representatives in Texas and the rest of the United States, including the Best Literary Agents at the Top Literary Agencies in TX and the USA.

In addition to Texas book agents, you can use our literary agency directory for all Literary Agents Near Me searches. For example: North Carolina Literary AgentsFlorida Literary Agents, and NYC Literary Agents. Our Literary Agents Directory and Database has profiles for all publishing agents in the USA, not just TX. Our list is comprehensive and includes established writer representatives and new writer representatives. It also includes both independent book agents with Boutique Literary Agencies, as well as large book agencies. Scroll below to find all Texas literary agencies and literary agents. You’ll also find important facts and statistics about literary agencies and publishing agents in TX.

List of Texas Literary Agents – Finding a Literary Agent

Texas Literary Agents | Find Texas Book Agents and Literary Agencies

  • Austin Miller
  • Dabney Rice
  • Destiny Modeste
  • Esther Fedorkevich
  • Jan Miller
  • Jeanie Loiacono
  • Jessica Kirkland
  • Jim Donovan
  • Jim Hornfischer
  • Lacy Lynch
  • Lynn Haynes
  • Mark Falkin
  • Mel Stinnett
  • Mike Farris
  • Molly Moore
  • Nena Madonia Oshman
  • Robert Fleck
  • Shannon Marven
  • Susan Morgan Farris
  • Tricia Skinner
  • Whitney Gossett

Top Literary Agents in Texas – Finding the Best Book Agents

See the top writer representatives and book agencies in TX below:

  • Austin Miller (Dupree Miller & Associates), Texas
  • Dabney Rice (Dupree Miller & Associates), Texas
  • Destiny Modeste (Dupree Miller & Associates), Texas
  • Esther Fedorkevich (The Fedd Agency), Texas
  • Jan Miller (Dupree Miller & Associates), Texas
    Jim Hornfischer (Hornfischer Literary Management), Texas
  • Lacy Lynch (Dupree Miller & Associates), Texas
  • Nena Madonia Oshman (Dupree Miller & Associates), Texas
  • Shannon Marven (Dupree Miller & Associates), Texas
  • Tricia Skinner (Fuse Literary), Texas
  • Whitney Gossett (The Fedd Agency), Texas

Texas Literary Agents Near Me – Find a Literary Agent

The most typical book agents near me in TX searches are:

List of Texas Literary Agencies – Find a Book Agent

All literary agencies in TX are listed here:

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Texas Literary Agent Facts and Statistics

Finding the best information about TX publishing agents and literary agencies is easy using our free literary agency directory. Here are the types of important facts and statistics you’ll find inside:

  • There are 21 publishing agents in Texas
  • There are 11 book agencies in Texas
  • The literary agencies in Texas are located in Austin, Coppell, Dallas, Houston, and Liberty
  • The biggest book agencies in Texas with the most publishing agents are Bradford Literary Agency and Full Circle Literary
  • All 11 TX book agencies have websites
  • 0 TX author representatives are AAR members
  • 12 TX publishing agents accept email queries
  • 11 TX author representative accepts email postal mail queries
  • 3 TX writer representatives accept queries via online website form
  • 13 TX publishing agents are on Twitter
  • 3 TX writer representative is on Facebook
  • 14 TX author representatives are on LinkedIn
  • 18 TX writer representatives accept fiction
  • 20 TX author representatives accept nonfiction
  • 10 TX publishing agents accept children’s books

Submit Your Book to Texas Literary Agencies and Literary Agents

  1. Categorize your book for TX publishing agents in the best way using our free Guide to Book Genres.
  2. Prepare your query letter for TX writer representatives using our How to Write a Query Letter Guide.
  3. Find Texas book agents using our comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use Literary Agency Directory and Database to make sure your queries are received, and to have the best chance of getting a book agent. Other print and online literary agent lists, directories, and databases with information about TX literary agencies and agents are often incomplete and outdated.

Scroll below for free, instant access.

Enter the Free Book Agents Directory – Find Texas Literary Agents

Use our book agency directory and database to find publishing agents in all locations including TX. You can also use our book agents list to find writer representative by AAR status, book genre, and more. Enter your first name and email address below for free, instant access to the following:

  • 1,000+ listings of all author representatives including those in TX
  • Detailed literary agent bios for all TX writer representatives
  • List of book genres that each TX book agent is seeking
  • AAR membership status for all TX writer representatives
  • Preferred query method(s) such as email, online form, postal mail
  • Query email addresses for all TX author representatives
  • Postal mail addresses for all TX writer representatives
  • Photos of all TX author representatives
  • Links to all literary agents Texas websites
  • Links to all social media accounts for all TX book agents
  • Maps to the offices of all TX author representatives
Literary Agents - Literary Agencies - List
Get free access to the Directory of Literary Agents with detailed agent listings to get a traditional publisher
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