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John Hawkins & Associates is located in New York. Four active agents carry on in what we think is our traditional manner. We are editorially minded lovers of the written word–today primarily in book form, although sometimes in short stories and even in multimedia garb (ready for that Ms. Cather, Messrs Crane, Dreiser, et al.)–who are tough and aggressive deal makers for our clients.

Our interests range over nearly all of what we call trade books, i.e., the books you find in a bookstore. Fiction of all sorts, non-fiction (contemporary journalism, history, biography, etc.), juveniles (although primarily young adult and middle grades, since we don”t specialize in illustrators, but having said that I should add that we represent several of the best), science-fiction and fantasy.

What we are looking for and what is most exciting is an author with his or her own voice, something that stands out. We handle all the rights that grow out of our clients” work: film, television, magazine, and foreign. In some cases we use sub-agents for various specialties, such as publishing sales abroad, or sales to film and television. We remain in charge and responsible to the clients in all situations.

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