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The Donald Maass Literary Agency is located in Brooklyn, NY. Established in 1980, the Donald Maass Agency accepts query letters from authors of fiction and nonfiction books.

If you want to get a literary agent with the Donald Maass Agency, use the List of Literary Agents in our Directory of Literary Agents™ to find out which agent is the best suited to represent your book. You should also click here to see if the Donald Maass Agency appears on our list of Top Literary Agencies, and click here to see if any of the literary agents who work at the Donald Maass Agency appear on our list of Best Literary Agents. When you enter the directory, you’ll be able to see complete profiles for every literary agent at Donald Maass Literary Agency, and every other literary agency.

Bio – Donald Maass Literary Agency

Donald Maass’s pioneering work and writing about the development of fiction careers has made Donald Maass Literary Agency (DMLA) a leading agency for fiction writers. The literary agents at Donald Maass Agency represent more than 150 novelists and sell more than 100 novels every year to leading publishers in the United States and abroad.

DMLA makes best efforts to respond to every query letter that has been properly addressed and follows their submission guidelines. Queries to the Donald Maass Agency must be addressed to a specific agent, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the interests and requirements for the individual agents. You can see response times for individual agents at the DMLA website.

Donald Maass Literary Agency only allows queries via email. They don’t allow authors to query via postal mail, phone, or social media. If an agent at DMLA rejects your work, you can query additional agents. However, you should always only query one agent at a time. DMLA agents have individual pages at the agency website regarding the best way to submit to each agent.

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Submit your Query – Donald Maass Agency

Before you query the Donald Maass Literary Agency, make sure you have the most up-to-date information by looking in our Directory of Literary Agents. There is no charge to use the directory. It’s easy to use. And it contains detailed biographical and contact information for all literary agents. When you enter the Directory of Literary Agents™, you’ll also get free, instant access to our article and audio library with additional information to help you get a top literary agent, publisher, and book deal.

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Scroll below to see a sample listing and then enter the directory to see all literary agents listings for the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

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If you want the most accurate information available for book agents at Donald Maass Agency, enter your first name and email address for free instant access to the Directory of Literary Agents™. As soon as you register you’ll get instant access to the following:

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Before you submit a query letter to a literary agent at the Donald Maass Literary Agency, make sure the information you’re using is correct. Most literary agency directories and lists, in print and online, aren’t maintained properly. They’re incomplete, outdated, and have lots of mistakes. If you rely on those literary agency lists or directories to find literary agents with the Donald Maass Agency or any other literary agencies, you’re going to hurt your chances of getting a book agent. Get free access now to the Directory of Literary Agents™ for the most up-to-date information and listings for all literary agents with the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

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