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List of CA Book Agencies and Literary Agents | Literary Agencies in California

Literary Agencies in California | Find Literary Agents in CaliforniaLiterary Agencies in California – How many literary agencies are in California? Which book agencies in California are best? And, what’s the best way to find California publishing agencies seeking new writers and clients? Use the free List of Literary Agents below to find all CA publishing agencies. For example: Aevitas Creative Management, Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and Writers House. The official Directory of Literary Agents™ has bios and contact information for all California book agencies, including the Best Literary Agents at the Top Literary Agencies in CA.

In addition to California book agencies, you can use our literary agency database for all other Literary Agents Near Me searches. For example: NYC Literary Agencies, Boston Literary Agents, and Atlanta Literary Agents. Our Literary Agent Database and Directory has profiles for all author representatives in the USA, not just California. Our list is comprehensive and includes both established and new writer representatives. It also includes author representatives with independent book agents working at Boutique Literary Agencies, as well as large book agencies. Scroll below to find all California literary agencies and literary agents. You’ll also find important facts and statistics about California book agencies and book agents.

Why Are So Many Literary Agencies in California?

There are more book agents and book agencies in California than any other place in the United States–except New York. There are a lot of book agents in CA because it’s the state with the largest population in the country, and because California is the “Entertainment Capital” of the United States. Manhattan is the “Publishing Capital” of the country, with 2/3 of the nation’s book agents located there. However, there are also many book agents on the West Coast, pitching their authors’ books to publishers in New York and elsewhere–and getting them “subsidiary” or “ancillary” rights deals related to feature film, television, and other area of the entertainment and infotainment industry.

Should You Query California Literary Agencies?

Book agents and literary agencies in California can do just as good a job for authors as book agents and book agencies in New York or elsewhere. Each situation is different, so here are two things you should consider.

  • Most successful book agencies without their main office(s) in California have someone who works for them who is in California; or, more often, they have “co-agent” or “sub-agent” relationships with successful book agencies in California who help sell their authors’ subsidiary or ancillary rights. Same thing goes for foreign rights such as English language editions and translated editions of books produced and published abroad. We live in a specialized world and not every literary agent or agency does everything, does everything well, or needs to. For example, when I was a literary agent, I didn’t handle film rights personally. Instead, when I had a project I believed had film potential, I reached out to a famous literary agent, Joel Gotler, who’s well-known and well-respected in the movie industry, and he was kind enough to help.
  • If you’re already a media personality, you want to become a media personality, and/or you believe book publishing is just one part of what you’re planning to produce and promote with your brand…it might make sense to prioritize publishing agencies in California when you start researching and ranking agents. Especially if you live in California, or if you’re planning to eventually move to The Golden State. Otherwise, you shouldn’t give California book agencies preferential treatment, the same way you shouldn’t exclude successful publishing agents in California just because they’re not in New York.

List of California Literary Agencies – Finding a Literary Agent

California Literary Agents | Find Literary Agencies in California

  • Aevitas Creative Management
  • Andrea Brown Literary Agency
  • Andy Ross Literary Agency
  • APA Talent and Literary Agency
  • April Eberhardt Literary
  • Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises
  • BJ Robbins Literary Agency
  • Books & Such Literary Agency
  • BookStop Literary Agency
  • Bradford Literary Agency
  • Candice Fuhrman Literary Agency
  • Castiglia Literary Agency
  • Christopher Ferebee Literary Agency
  • Cine/Lit Representation
  • Cornerstone Literary Agency
  • Creative Management
  • Dana Newman Literary
  • Davis Wager Literary Agency
  • Dreisbach Literary Management
  • East West Literary Agency
  • Eyebait Literary Management
  • Felicia Eth Literary Representation
  • Fountain Literary
  • Fresh Books Literary Agency
  • Full Circle Literary
  • Fuse Literary
  • Ghosh Literary
  • Global Literary Management
  • Handspun Literary
  • Heacock Hill Literary Agency
  • Hidden Value Group
  • Hill Nadell Literary Agency
  • Intellectual Property Group
  • Julie Hill and Associates
  • Keller Media
  • Ken Sherman & Associates
  • Kimberley Cameron & Associates
  • LA Literary Agency
  • Launchbooks Literary Agency
  • Lennie Literary Agency & Author’s Attorney
  • Linda Allen Literary Agency
  • Manus & Associates Literary Agency
  • Margret McBride Literary Agency
  • Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
  • Media Motion International
  • Paul S. Levine Literary Agency
  • Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
  • Red Fox Literary
  • Redwood Agency
  • Renaissance Literary & Talent
  • RO Literary
  • Root Literary
  • Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
  • Solow Literary Enterprises
  • Stuart M. Miller Co. Literary Agency
  • Ted Weinstein Literary Management
  • The Amy Rennert Agency
  • The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency
  • The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency
  • The Cowles Agency
  • The Fielding Agency
  • The Knight Agency
  • Van Haitsma Literary
  • Venture Literary
  • Veritas Literary Agency
  • Verve Talent & Literary Agency
  • WordWise Media Services
  • Writers House
  • Yates & Yates

Top California Literary Agencies – Finding the Best Book Agents

See the top California literary agencies below:

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California Literary Agency Facts and Statistics

Finding accurate information about California literary agencies and CA book agents is easy using our free publishing agents directory. Here are some of the important facts and statistics you’ll find inside:

  • 71 of the 600+ book agencies in the USA are in California
  • 152 of the 1,300+ individual book agents in the U.S. work with CA book agencies
  • 126 of the book agents with book agencies in California are in Los Angeles
  • The 26 publishing agents in California NOT in Los Angeles can be found in: San Diego (14), Del Mar (12), Tiburon (9), San Francisco (8), La Honda (7), Palo Alto (6), Salinas (5), Santa Rosa (5), Solana Beach (5), La Jolla (4), Santa Ana (4), Shell Beach (4), Beverly Hills (3), El Segundo (3), Encinitas (3), Lancaster (3), Marina Del Rey (3), Norco (3), East Garrison (2), La Canada Flintridge (2), Mission Viejo (2), Orinda (2), Santa Clarita (2), Venice (2), Burbank (1), Culver City (1), El Dorado Hills (1), Fairfax (1), Mill Valley (1), N. Hollywood (1), Oakland (1), Pacific Palisades (1), Placerville (1), San Luis Obispo (1), Santa Monica (1), Sherman Oaks (1), and Studio City (1)
  • 123 of the book agents with book agencies in California accept queries for adult fiction
  • 141 of the publishing agents with California literary agencies accept queries for nonfiction books
  • 87 of the writer representatives with CA book agencies accept queries for children’s books
  • 20 of the 152 book agents with literary agencies in California are members of the AAR
  • 16 of the publishing agents with California literary agencies only accept submissions by referral
  • 131 of the author representatives with CA book agencies accept email queries
  • 37 of the book agents with literary agencies in California accept postal mail queries
  • 25 of the publishing agents California literary agencies accept queries via online forms on their websites
  • 56 of the 71 CA book agencies have websites
  • 106 of the book agents with literary agencies in California are on LinkedIn
  • 104 of the publishing agents California literary agencies are on Twitter
  • 31 of the book agents with CA book agencies are on Facebook

California Literary Agencies Near Me – Find a Literary Agent

The most common book agencies near me searches for California are:

Submit Your Book to California Literary Agencies and Agents

  1. Categorize your book for California book agents in the best way using our free Guide to Book Genres.
  2. Prepare your query letter for California publishing agents using our How to Write a Query Letter Guide.
  3. Find literary agencies in California using our comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use Literary Agency Directory and Database to make sure your queries are received and to have the best chance of getting a book agent. Other print and online literary agent lists, directories, and databases with information about California book agencies are often incomplete and outdated.

Scroll below for free, instant access.

Enter the Free Book Agents Directory – Find California Literary Agents

Use our book agencies directory and database to find book agents by all locations including California. You can also use our list of publishing agents to find author representative by book genre, AAR status, and more. Enter your first name and email address below for free, instant access to the following:

  • 1,000+ listings of all author representatives including those in California
  • Detailed literary agent bios for all California writer representatives
  • List of book genres that each California book agent is seeking
  • AAR membership status for all California writer representatives
  • Preferred query method(s) such as email, online form, postal mail
  • Query email addresses for all California author representatives
  • Postal mail addresses for all California writer representatives
  • Photos of all California author representatives
  • Links to websites for all literary agencies in California
  • Links to all social media accounts for all California book agents
  • Maps to the offices of all California author representatives


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