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The August Agency was formed in 2004, and is located in Florida. The agency has worked quietly for many year, internationally and in the US. They offer highly-personalized services to an exceptional and exclusive group of authors. The agency works closely with their authors, providing editorial guidance, series development, promotion, design of their careers, name branding, marketing, and social media and web presence.

The August Agency has sold works for mass market paperback editions, hardcover, and trade paper. They have also sold audio, digital, gaming, film, reprint, and foreign rights. Their outlets have included regional houses, academic presses, content providers, genre presses, educational testing services, as well as traditional, advance-paying publishers, such as: Harvard Business Press, Clark-Nova Books, F&W Media, Career Press, John Wiley & Sons, Gale, Praeger, AMACOM Books, Alyson Publishing, and Writer’s Digest Books.

They maintain the highest standards in business operations, the work they represent, and relationships. The agency name—August—was chosen for Augustus Caesar, fostering the golden age of Roman literature, the first era dubbed the Augustan Age of Literature. Since, subsequent eras of great prosperity in artistic writing included: the reign of Louis XIV, the Augustan Age of French literature, and that of Queen Anne, the Augustan age of English literature.

As writers themselves, the agents with The August Agency, want their clients to have more than just a salesperson for their book; they believe they should be, among other things, an author’s ultimate advocate, arbitrator, anchor, and advisor. Keeping those goals in mind, they operate as a team, using the sum of their talents to work on behalf of every August author.

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