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Europa Content Ltd. was founded in 2018 by Marc Gerald. The agency is based in New York City, and manages a boutique collection of some of the most visionary and iconic creators, authors, and thought leaders. They focus on developing and selling books, but books mean a lot of things these days.

The agency’s clients are mostly outliers, outsiders, polymaths with unexpected day jobs, and are secretly nerdy; rappers, gangsters, California dreamers, comedians, food gatherers, WWE tight-wearers, and food makers, even porn stars. Other are from more legit domains: self-helpers on a mission, novelists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and cultural historians.

What all their clients have is common that they have important, big things to say, and they possess the impulsive need to rock the culture, shake things up, and spread their inspirational message. And that’s where Europa Content Ltd. fits in.

Europa Content assists creators manage their literary careers in often unexpected ways. Their clients have stood at the forefront of podcasts and original audio content; they have helped many of them skip from book to screen. They partner with TV/film co-agents according to the needs of the author and project. Their foreign rights program has sold books into nearly every territory in the world.

While they love traditional books, they are known for pioneering some of the biggest and most unconventional deals in the business, for embracing cultural diversity before it was embarrassing to have to point out, for making books fun for people who don’t always know they like reading, and for delivering maximum results for their clients.

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