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Flannery Literary was established in 1992 to represent authors who write books for young adults and children. They’re looking for a unique viewpoint, strong writing, a memorable story, intriguing characters, and a thought-provoking dilemma the young reader is eager to see resolved. Their primary goal is helping to put good books in the hands—and hearts—of young readers.

The most interesting, well-written, and time-honored books are written with young people in mind, because they deserve nothing less than the best they have to offer. The only magic they have ever seen is what happens between the writer and the page, and the page and the reader.

The worst part of this profession is how many times they have to say no; please believe Flannery Literary holds authors in the highest esteem and they regard your query and writing samples as nothing less than a pleasure and a privilege to read, even if they wind up not being the right agents for your project.

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Most literary agency directories (print and online) are outdated, incomplete, and riddled with mistakes. If you rely on those directories to find literary agents at Flannery Literary, you’re going to hurt your chances of getting an agent to represent you.

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