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Literary Agents Los Angeles | Find Book Agents in Los AngelesLiterary Agents Los Angeles, CA – How many book agencies and book agents are in LA? Which literary agencies and author representatives are best in Los Angeles? And, what’s the best way to find LA writer representatives looking for new writers and clients? Use the free List of Literary Agents below to find all LA publishing agents and publishing agencies. For example: Amy Schiffman (Intellectual Property Group), Eric Lasher (LA Literary Agency), and Helen Breitwieser (Cornerstone Literary Agency). The official Directory of Literary Agents™ has bios and contact information for all LA and California writer representatives, including the Best Literary Agents at the Top Literary Agencies in LA and CA.

In addition to LA author representatives, you can use our book agency database for all other Literary Agents Near Me searches. For example: Chicago Literary AgentsDC Literary Agents, and NYC Literary Agents. Our Literary Agent Database and Directory has profiles for all writer representatives in the USA, not just LA. Our list is comprehensive and includes both established and new author representatives. It also includes writer representatives with independent book agents working at Boutique Literary Agencies, as well as large book agencies. Scroll below to find all Los Angeles literary agencies and literary agents. You’ll also find important facts and statistics about LA book agencies and author representatives.

List of Los Angeles Literary Agents – Finding a Literary Agent

Los Angeles Literary Agents | Find Literary Agents in Los Angeles

  • Abby Schulman
  • Alan Nevins
  • Alex Schnitzler
  • Amy Schiffman
  • Angela Rinaldi
  • Ann Cashman
  • Berta Treitl
  • Betsy Amster
  • BJ Robbins
  • Bonnie Nadell
  • Bonnie Solow
  • Brandie Coonis
  • Charlotte Gusay
  • Dana Newman
  • Dara Hyde
  • David Groff
  • Debbie Deuble Hill
  • Deborah Warren
  • Eric Lasher
  • Erin L. Cox
  • Erin Malone
  • Helen Breitwieser
  • Holly Root
  • Jacquelyn Ross
  • Jane Putch
  • Julie Carson May
  • Ken Sherman
  • Liz Parker
  • Loren Grossman
  • Mary Cummings
  • Maureen Lasher
  • Molly O’Neill
  • Oliver Latsch
  • Paul Levine
  • Rebecca Friedman
  • Rob Weisbach
  • Sarah Bowlin
  • Steven Fisher
  • Stuart Miller
  • Susan Finesman
  • Taylor Haggerty
  • Timothy Travaglini
  • Timothy Wager
  • Wendy Keller
  • Will Lippincott

Top Literary Agents in Los Angeles – Finding the Best Book Agents

See the top LA author agencies and representatives below:

  • Amy Schiffman (Intellectual Property Group), LA, California
  • Ann Cashman (LA Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Bonnie Nadell (Hill Nadell Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Dara Hyde (Hill Nadell Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Debbie Deuble Hill (APA Talent and Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Eric Lasher (LA Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Helen Breitwieser (Cornerstone Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Jacquelyn Ross (Cornerstone Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Ken Sherman (Ken Sherman & Associates), LA, California
  • Maureen Lasher (LA Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Rebecca Friedman (Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Steven Fisher (APA Talent and Literary Agency), Beverly Hills, CA
  • Susan Finesman (Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency), LA, California
  • Timothy Wager (Davis Wager Literary Agency), LA, California

Los Angeles Literary Agents Near Me – Find a Literary Agent

The most common CA book agents near me searches are:

List of Los Angeles Literary Agencies – Find a Book Agent

All LA literary agencies are listed here:

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Los Angeles Literary Agent Facts and Statistics

Finding accurate information about Los Angeles literary agencies and agents is easy using our free publishing agents directory. Here are some of the important facts and statistics you’ll find inside:

  • There are 45 literary agents in Los Angeles, CA
  • There are 28 book agencies in Los Angeles, CA
  • The biggest book agency with the most LA literary agents is Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
  • Literary agencies in LA county are located in Beverly Hills, Culver City, El Segundo, Fairfax, La Canada Flintridge, the city of LA, Marina Del Rey, N. Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Studio City and Venice
  • 41 LA book agencies have websites
  • 8 LA author representatives are AAR members
  • 38 LA publishing agents accept email queries
  • 16 LA author representative accepts email postal mail queries
  • 6 LA writer representatives accept queries via online website form
  • 27 LA publishing agents are on Twitter
  • 4 LA writer representative is on Facebook
  • 29 LA author representatives are on LinkedIn
  • 37 LA writer representatives accept fiction
  • 40 LA author representatives accept nonfiction
  • 26 LA publishing agents accept children’s books

Submit Your Book to Los Angeles Literary Agencies and Literary Agents

  1. Categorize your book for LA book agents in the best way using our free Guide to Book Genres.
  2. Prepare your query letter for LA publishing agents using our How to Write a Query Letter Guide.
  3. Find LA book agents using our comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use Literary Agency Directory and Database to make sure your queries are received and to have the best chance of getting a book agent. Other print and online literary agent lists, directories, and databases with information about LA book agents are often incomplete and outdated.

Scroll below for free, instant access.

Enter the Free Book Agents Directory – Find Los Angeles Literary Agents

Use our literary agencies directory and database to find book agents by all locations including LA. You can also use our list of publishing agents to find author representative by book genre, AAR status, and more. Enter your first name and email address below for free, instant access to the following:

  • 1,000+ listings of all author representatives including those in LA
  • Detailed literary agent bios for all LA writer representatives
  • List of book genres that each LA book agent is seeking
  • AAR membership status for all LA writer representatives
  • Preferred query method(s) such as email, online form, postal mail
  • Query email addresses for all LA author representatives
  • Postal mail addresses for all LA writer representatives
  • Photos of all LA author representatives
  • Links to all literary agents Los Angeles websites
  • Links to all social media accounts for all LA book agents
  • Maps to the offices of all LA author representatives
Literary Agents - Literary Agencies - List
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