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Christian Literary Agents | Find Christian Book AgentsChristian Literary Agents 2023-2024 – Find 100+ Christian literary agencies and agents for Christian authors here, including the 42 most powerful Christian book agents. Use the free List of Book Agents below to find all Christian book agents for new writers. For example: Bruce Barbour (Literary Management Group), Chip MacGregor (MacGregor & Luedeke), and Paige Wheeler (Creative Media Agency, Inc.). The official Directory of Literary Agents™ has bios and contact information for all Christian publishing agents, including the Best Publishing Agents at the Top Publishing Agencies seeking Christian writers and Christian books.

In addition to finding Christian literary agents accepting new authors, you can use our literary agency database for all Book Agents Near Me searches based on location. For example: Literary Agencies NYC, Literary Agencies California, Los Angeles Book Agents, etc. Our Literary Agent Directory and Database includes all agents for Christian authors in the USA. Many Christian book agents appear on our list of Nashville Book Agents and Tennessee Book Agents, since that’s where many Christian publishers are located. Our list of agents for Christian writers is comprehensive and includes both new and established book agents. It also includes book agents with large literary agencies and independent book agents at Boutique Literary Agencies. Scroll below to find literary agencies and literary agents for Christian writers. You’ll also see important Christian literary agent facts and statistics.

42 of the Most Powerful Christian Literary Agents for Christian Authors (A-Z)

Christian Literary Agents Accepting New Authors | Find Christian Book Agents

  1. Ali Herring (Spencerhill Associates)
  2. Amanda Luedeke (MacGregor & Luedeke)
  3. Andrea Heinecke (Alive Literary Agency)
  4. Bill Reeves (Working Title Agency)
  5. Bruce Barbour (Literary Management Group)
  6. Cassie Hanjian (DeFiore and Company)
  7. Cherise Fisher (Wendy Sherman Associates)
  8. Chip MacGregor (MacGregor & Luedeke)
  9. Claudia Cross (Folio Literary Management)
  10. Danielle Egan-Miller (Browne & Miller Literary Associates)
  11. Dave Fessenden (WordWise Media Services)
  12. David Vigliano (AGI Vigliano Literary, LLC)
  13. Deidre Knight (The Knight Agency)
  14. Don Jacobson (D.C. Jacobsen & Associates (DCJA))
  15. Donald Maass (Donald Maass Literary Agency)
  16. Elaine Spencer (The Knight Agency)
  17. Emily Mitchell (Wernick & Pratt Agency)
  18. Evan Marshall (Evan Marshall Agency)
  19. Frank Weimann (Folio Literary Management)
  20. Greg Daniel (Daniel Literary Group)
  21. Hannah Bowman (Liza Dawson Associates)
  22. Jan Miller (Dupree Miller & Associates)
  23. Janet Kobobel Grant (Books & Such Literary Agency)
  24. Jenni Burke (D.C. Jacobsen & Associates – DCJA)
  25. Jennifer Gates (Aevitas Creative Management)
  26. Jessica Alvarez (BookEnds Literary Agency)
  27. Julie Gwinn (The Seymour Agency)
  28. Karen Solem (Spencerhill Associates)
  29. Maria Carvainis (Maria Carvainis Agency)
  30. Matthew Bialer (Sanford J. Greenburger Associates)
  31. Michelle Grajkowski (3 Seas Literary Agency)
  32. Michelle S. Lazurek (WordWise Media Services)
  33. Natasha Kern (Natasha Kern Literary Agency)
  34. Nicole Resciniti (The Seymour Agency)
  35. Paige Wheeler (Creative Media Agency, Inc.)
  36. Pamela Harty (The Knight Agency)
  37. Pattie Steele-Perkins (Steele-Perkins Literary Agency)
  38. Regina Brooks (Serendipity Literary Agency)
  39. Scott Mendel (Mendel Media Group)
  40. Shannon Marven (Dupree Miller & Associates)
  41. Steven Hutson (WordWise Media Services)
  42. Terrie Wolf (AKA Literary Management)

List of All Literary Agents for Christian Authors and Christian Literary Agents 2023-2024


  • Adria Goetz
  • Alexander Field
  • Ali Herring
  • Amanda Luedeke
  • Andrea Heinecke
  • Andrew Wolgemuth
  • Angela Scheff
  • Austin Wilson
  • Bill Reeves
  • Blair Jacobson
  • Blythe Daniel
  • Bob Hostetler
  • Bruce Barbour
  • Bryan Norman
  • Cassie Hanjian
  • Cherise Fisher
  • Chip MacGregor
  • Chris Park
  • Christopher Ferebee
  • Claudia Cross
  • Cristi Marchetti
  • Curtis Yates
  • Cyle Young
  • Cynthia Ruchti
  • Dan Raines
  • Danielle Egan-Miller
  • Dave Fessenden
  • David Dunham
  • David Van Diest
  • David Vigliano
  • David R. Shepherd
  • Deidre Knight
  • Destiny Modeste
  • Diana Flegal
  • Don Jacobson
  • Donald Maass
  • Elaine Spencer
  • Emily Mitchell
  • Erik Wolgemuth
  • Esther Fedorkevich
  • Evan Marshall
  • Frank Weimann
  • Gary D. Foster
  • Greg Daniel
  • Greg Johnson
  • Hannah Bowman
  • Heidi Mitchell
  • Jan Miller
  • Jana Burson
  • Janet Kobobel Grant
  • Jeff Jernigan[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]
  • Jenni Burke
  • Jennifer Gates
  • Jesscia Schmeidler
  • Jessica Alvarez
  • Jessica Kirkland
  • Jim Hart
  • Jonathan Clements
  • Joy Eggerichs Reed
  • Joyce Hart
  • Julie Gwinn
  • Karen Neumair
  • Karen Solem
  • Kathi Paton
  • Kathryn Helmers
  • Keely Boeving
  • Linda Glaz
  • Lisa Jackson
  • Maria Carvainis
  • Mark Sweeney
  • Matt Yates
  • Matthew Bialer
  • Michelle Grajkowski
  • Michelle S. Lazurek
  • Mike Farris
  • Mike Salisbury
  • Nadia Cornier
  • Nancy Jernigan
  • Natasha Kern
  • Nick Harrison
  • Nicole Payne
  • Nicole Resciniti
  • Paige Wheeler
  • Pamela Harty
  • Pattie Steele-Perkins
  • Rachel Kent
  • Rachel McMillan
  • Rachel S. Boye
  • Rachelle Gardner
  • Rebecca Angus
  • Regina Brooks
  • Robert Wolgemuth
  • Sarah Van Diest
  • Sarah Joy Freese
  • Scott Mendel
  • Sealy Yates
  • Shannon Marven
  • Stephanie Alton
  • Steve Laube
  • Steven Hutson
  • Susan Morgan Farris
  • Tamela Hancock Murray
  • Tawny Johnson
  • Teresa Evenson
  • Terrie Wolf
  • Thomas Winters
  • Wendy Lawton
  • Wes Yoder
  • William Jensen


List of All Literary Agencies for Christian Authors with Literary Agents for Christian Books

Christian Literary Agents for New Authors – Facts and Statistics

Finding information about Christian literary agents and agents for Christian authors is easy using the official book agents directory.

  • There are 111 Christian literary agents and agents for Christian authors
  • There are 63 Christian literary agencies or literary agencies for Christian authors
  • 106 publishing agencies for Christian books have websites
  • 16 writer representatives for Christian writers are AAR members
  • 96 publishing agents for Christian authors accept email queries
  • 19 author representative for Christian books accept postal mail queries
  • 21 publishing agents for Christian writers accept queries via online website form
  • 78 publishing agents for Christian authors are on Twitter
  • 41 author representatives for Christian books are on Facebook
  • 80 publishing agents for Christian writers on LinkedIn
  • 100 writer representatives for Christian authors accept fiction
  • 95 publishing agents for Christian books accept nonfiction
  • 55 writer representatives for Christian writers accept children’s books

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Position Your Book in the Best Way for Book Agents

Agents for Christian Authors | Find a Christian Literary AgentOne mistake authors make when writing and pitching their books is not thinking enough about their target market. In other words, many authors don’t spend enough time considering: a) who their readers could or should be; b) what genre(s) and/or sub-genre(s) their book might fit into (there’s often more than one); and c) the expectations of book agents, publishers, and the book-buying public for their type of book.

You might think the genre of your book is simple or obvious, but there are often nuances and you can use them to your advantage—if you’re aware of them. The more you understand the various ways you might shape or position your book, the more likely it is you’ll get an offer for representation. And, if you describe your book inaccurately, or if your book is slightly “off” because you don’t know the norms for your genre, it can lead to rejection.

Scroll below to see three case studies with teaching points for three successful authors who scheduled an Introductory Coaching Call with me, prior to doing more in a longer-term program. These examples will help you see what you might be missing with your book. These case studies are for authors of books about spirituality, but you don’t need to be faith-based to learn from them. I work with mainstream authors as well.

Case Study #1: Book Agents for Religion and Spirituality Books

A Christian author I coached was planning to query book agents for his memoir about raising his autistic son. After I read the first fifty pages of the author’s manuscript, I told him he should take some of the “faith content” out of his book—or put more in. There was too much faith content for mainstream book agents, and not enough for Christian literary agents. Long story short, Scott LeRette signed with Fine Print Lit, got multiple offers from publishers, and The Unbreakable Boy was published in hardcover by Thomas Nelson, an imprint of Harper Collins.

Case Study #2: Literary Agents for Religion and Spirituality Books

Another author I coached wrote a book that’s “spiritual but not religious.” He wanted both mainstream and faith-based readers. So, instead of pitching Christian literary agents, we pitched mainstream book agents. The problem I had with this author’s pitch was that he was describing his book as a “spiritual self-help book.” That would have been okay if his book was super-spiritual, but it wasn’t.

I suggested he call his book “a self-help title with a spiritual bent (not religious).” That might not seem significant, but it’s huge. The author wanted to reach a broad audience and his book was written in that style, very inclusive, for people of all religious or spiritual beliefs—and those lacking them. That was important because there aren’t many author representatives who handle spiritual books, who aren’t Christian.

Pitching this author’s book as “a self-help title with a spiritual bent (not religious)” made it possible to query a lot more agents. In particular, those interested in self-help but not necessarily familiar (or at all familiar), with spiritual books. This softer, friendlier approach allowed us to attract many more literary agencies. And, as I’m writing this, the author has interest from multiple agents (more info to follow once a deal is done).

Case Study #3: Book Agents for Religion and Spirituality Books

Another author I worked with who was planning to query Christian literary agents had written what she described as a Christian ghost story. Her book, Waiting for Butterflies, is a supernatural or paranormal novel about a mother’s spirit returning to her family, to resolve unfinished business. I knew this author would struggle with Christian literary agents, because the only spiritual entities you’ll meet in most Christian books are those you’ll see in the Bible: God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, angels, demons, etc.

Long story short, I suggested the author tone down the paranormal part of her story as much as possible (without killing the book or crushing her spirit), eliminating ideas and language that would likely trigger conservative readers in a negative way. Long story short, the author, Karen Sargent, got multiple requests from agents and a book deal with Amphorae/Walrus Publishing. Her book has more than 100 reviews on Amazon (5-stars), and it’s received the following honors: IAN Book of the Year, IAN Outstanding Christian Fiction, Foreword Reviews Gold, and a CSPA Christian Indie Award.

* * *

Choose Your Next Step…

  1. If you’re have a question or comment about this article, click on the following link to access my interactive FAQ page. There you can see The 50 Questions Authors Ask Most (along with my answers) and you can post your question.
  2. If you want to talk about your pitch materials and/or manuscript, click here to see if you’re a fit to register for an Introductory Coaching Call to improve your odds of getting a literary agent.
  3. If you’re planning to query Christian literary agents, click on these links to see: Statistics about Christian Book Agents, our List of All Literary Agencies for Christian Authors, our List of All Agents for Christian Authors, and our List of the Most Powerful Christian Book Agents.

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Enter the Free Book Agents Directory | Listings for All Agents Including Those Seeking Spiritual or Religious Books, Including Christian Literary Agents

Use our literary agencies directory and database to find all book agents accepting new authors, including those who represent spiritual or religious books, including Christian literary agents. Our literary agency directory is comprehensive, easy-to-use, and up-to-date. Other print and online book agent lists, databases, and directories are often difficult to navigate, incomplete, and outdated. You can search the agent directory by book genre, AAR status, and more. Enter your first name and email address below for free, instant access to the following:

  • 1,000+ listings of all author representatives including Christian literary agents
  • Detailed literary agent bios for all Christian book agents accepting new authors
  • List of book genres that each Christian literary agent accepting new authors is seeking
  • AAR membership status for all author representatives seeking Christian authors
  • Preferred query method(s) such as email, online form, postal mail
  • Query email addresses for all author representatives accepting Christian authors
  • Postal mail addresses for all writer representatives seeking Christian books
  • Photos of all publishing agents looking for Christian writers
  • Links to all websites for Christian literary agents and Christian literary agencies
  • Links to all social media accounts for all book agents for Christian authors
  • Maps to the offices of all Christian book agencies and book agents
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