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literary-agents-listLiterary Agents List – What’s the most important thing you need to know before you start using any literary agent directory or list of literary agents? Read this free 2-part training guide by a former NY Times bestselling literary agent to find out. This one insider secret is often the difference between authors getting no book deal, a good book deal, and a great book deal.

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Literary Agents List – The Goal

It’s not your fault, but you’ve probably been trying to get published the wrong way. You see, many authors don’t fail to get a literary agent because they’re untalented writers or don’t have publishable books. They fail because they’re “shooting at the wrong target.” The best way for me to illustrate this point for you is to explain how top literary agents sell books to publishers (because that’s the process you need to model).

Here’s how it works…

Top literary agents don’t try to find a publisher for a book. They try to find multiple publishers. As many as they can. Top literary agents make simultaneous submissions to publishers with well-planned and well-coordinated “attacks” that cause excitement, create maximum leverage, start bidding wars, and get the best terms for their authors. You can do the same thing. I’ll explain how you can do that in just a moment, but first you need to understand the disadvantages of trying to find a literary agent any other way.

What most authors do is dribble out a few queries at a time. Then they say “Yes!” too quickly… to any agent that requests an exclusive look at sample chapters, a book proposal, and/or a complete manuscript. That gives the agent all the power. It makes you vulnerable. And it makes it much more likely that you’ll also end up saying “Yes!” to the first agent who asks to represent you. The problem is… the first agent might not be the best agent to represent you.

So, I’m suggesting
you do something different…

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Literary Agents List – Stop Looking for An Agent

Instead of looking for a literary agent like every other author (because they don’t know better), it’s time for you to do something different. It’s time for you to start approaching the task of getting a literary agent… the same way that literary agents approach the task of getting publishers. If you do, you can  enjoy the following benefits:

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Stop looking for a book agent multipleGet More Agents Interested: If you you stop looking for a literary agent and start looking for lots of literary agents, you’ll start thinking bigger. That will motivate you to send out more queries in less time. And that will lead to you getting more positive responses in less time, which will then lead to everything below.

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Stop looking for a book agent fastGet Agents Responding Faster: If you have multiple agents reviewing your material at one time (and they know it), you’ll get faster responses. Agents don’t like to “compete” for the chance to represent you, but they will. That means agents will respond quickly so they won’t miss out on the chance to work with you. No one wants to be the literary agent that let the next Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Fifty Shades of Grey… get away.

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Stop looking for a book agent chooseChoose the Best Agent: Although you tell agents this, your ultimate goal should be to find as many agents as possible (at one time) who’d like to represent you… so you can then “interview” them and choose the best one. You get to decide which agent best understands your vision, has the most experience and influence, is the best fit for your personality, and will do the best job for you.

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Stop looking for a book agent contractGet Better Terms: There’s usually at least one thing that an author wants to change about their author/agent contract. For example, your prospective agent might want you to commit to a 18- or 24-month term when you’d prefer a 12-month term. Or, your prospective agent might want you to do a major rewrite on your book, while you just want to implement some changes. If you have more than one agent interested, you’ll have more leverage to get what you want.

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Stop looking for a book agent relationshipHave a Better Author/Agent Relationship: If you have more than one agent interested in your book, you’re more likely to have a respectful relationship with the agent you sign with. Because agents get so many submissions, and rarely have competition (because authors don’t know how to do it) it’s easy for agents to treat you as though you’re lucky to be working with them. If your agent knows that you had other agents that wanted you, you’ll get better treatment.

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Literary Agents List – The Directory of Literary Agents

If you’re a talented author AND you use a quality literary agent list, your goal should be to get several literary agencies offering you representation. Don’t be cocky, but don’t feel too lucky either if a literary agent expresses interest in your book. The agent is just as lucky to have you. So, stop looking for a literary agent and start looking for lots of literary agents that might be a good fit… using our Literary Agent Directory.

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“Your directory is awesome! I started my agent research going through an Excel spreadsheet line-by-line. After about ten agents, I gave up. However, I am now using your directory as it is very easy to navigate and pleasant to view. This is the best literary agency directory out there.”

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